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This idea, of people who protest the most can sometimes be the ones with the most to hide, would really resonate with as a I grew up.Part one of a three-part Hawaiian adventure filmed on location in Hawaii. The boys decide to return the idol to the ancient Hawaiian burial grounds. Vincent Price guest stars as Professor Whitehead, an archaeologist who menaces the Brady boys. Marcia panics about becoming a high school student. After his own efforts fail to attract Kerry, Peter goes to Greg for help. The Brady kids try to outfrighten each other as they haunt their own house. Jennifer, Greg's new steady, is Marcia's competition for head cheerleader of the high school. Rita Wilson Bobby upsets his parents and teachers when he makes a hero of Jesse James. A near accident in the family car results in Greg being grounded. Robert Nadder Jack Arnold directed the script by Sam Locke and Milton Pascal.After Hawkeye and Trapper run-in with Frank (who smashes their still in a moment of anger, and suffers humiliating consequences), Henry cancels the party, but then takes a trip to Seoul to meet up with General Hammond (G.Wood, one of the few actors to reprise their role from the movie). After drugging Frank to get him out of the way, the party commences, and it seems like almost the entire camp is crammed into the Mess Tent. Hammond make a surprise return to the 4077th, just in time to see Hawkeye announce the winner of the prize--Father John P. Hot Lips, having discovered the drugged Frank, drags him into the Mess Tent, pointing a finger at Hawkeye and Trapper, exclaiming As I mentioned above, this is the only episode not to open with the standard credit sequence.Hawkeye is a lot cruder than the character he would eventually become, and the influence of the movie is clearly felt.But Alda and Rogers have an instant, easy chemistry, right from the get-go.The plot concerns Hawkeye and Trapper's effort to hold a raffle to raise enough money to send Ho-John to college back in the states.

The Bradys tour the island and the boys get involved with an ancient tabu. Others in the cast: Hanalei:........................ David "Lippy" Espinada Hula Inst:...................... There they meet Professor Whitehead, who believes they intend to steal his latest find. The girls get even when the bet the boys that they can't spend the whole night in the attic. Mike mistakenly believes that Greg wants to follow in his footsteps because of a paper he prepares for his English class. Vogel, the new family dentist, is the subject of Marcia's daydreams after she meets him. Peter is such a good actor that the teacher decides he can handle the role of the traitor better than the lead. Others in the cast: Jennifer:....................... Mike sets out to change his son's opinion of the western outlaw by exposing the truth about Jesse. Greg has an important rock concert date coming up, and no way to get there. Hope Sherwood Jack Arnold directed the script by Elroy Schwartz. The Brady kids compete in a local TV amateur contest to win money for their parents' anniversary present. When Grandma Hutchins comes to visit, the Brady kids decide to keep her around by matching her up with Grandpa Brady.

Except for Hot Lips, who goes on a frantic search to find Frank. I had never seen this sequence until I bought the DVDs, since the syndicated version always just dropped in the regular credits.

Its interesting to see, early on, how much Nurse Dish was part of the show--she gets a lot of screen time, and she doesn't even seem afraid of Maj. Nurse Dish pops up over Hawkeye's shoulder in the famous shot of him looking down at a patient in the credit sequence, further establishing her importance to the show.

Jerry London directed the script by Burt and Adele Styler. Jon Hayes Hal Cooper directed the script by Elroy Schwartz. When the youngsters claim they can't trust Alice any more, the housekeeper makes up an excuse to leave and gets her own replacement. She discovers that she has made a mistake when Doug cancels their date because of her swollen nose. Peter's after-school job in a bike shop becomes a personal disaster. Both Greg and Marcia want to use the attic for a private room. Lloyd Schwartz makes his TV directing debut on the script by William Raynor and Myles Wilder.

Bobby becomes very unpopular when he decides to be the best safety monitor at school. Jan wishes she were an only child and her brothers and sisters try to oblige. She isn't gone very long before the kids change their mind. Others in the cast: Doug Simpson:................... Greg puts in his bid for the space with his father; Marcia asks her mother for the attic.

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