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Now I call him my uncle and it's just amazing."Stewart said he never expected to be in the position he was today."When I was standing on stage in my underpants with my trumpet ...

smashing it on stage, no I didn't think I would end up doing this kind of work but I love it," he said."People say to me, 'you're so kind helping out these poor little African guys' and I say, 'no, no, no.

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in an interview that came after Andy Woodward spoke publicly about the abuse he suffered at the hands of former Crewe Alexandra youth coach and convicted paedophile Barry Bennell during the 1970s and 1980s.Crewe’s director of football and former manager, Dario Gradi, was not as concerned though, and revealed that Crewe staff members had been told to “keep out of it”. The former Tottenham, Manchester City and Liverpool player Paul Stewart has revealed he turned to drink and drugs during his career after suffering sexual abuse by a youth coach.The duo share their experiences through rap music, under the name Flybz, and visit schools to help young Australians learn what life is like in a third-world country.Manirakiza said coming to Australia and working with Stewart had been a dream come true."I remember when I started it was really hard, but since I met Paul Stewart, it's been life changing for me," he said."He's not like being a manager but he's been my uncle.

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