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What used to be good hosting can turn into poor hosting pretty quickly when they get acquired.

This is true of Media Temple, at least it’s Grid Service, based on my latest experience since it was bought by Go Daddy.

Web hosts can hope to find profitability in volume but since there is a lot of competition profitability usually comes from consolidation. It looks like they find profitability through throwing all these companies under one umbrella and one hosting center. I found their support good and their infrastructure above average, yet their pricing was very reasonable.

Then they were bought out by the Endurance International Group.

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Text is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license; additional terms may apply.Right now my recommended hosts include Siteground for most hosting and Rackspace for dedicated and virtual server hosting.It’s quite clear to me though that you are likely to be unhappy with any hosting owned by the Endurance International Group. Given the low margins, the hosting business is likely to continue consolidating.There is certainly a lot of smoke and mirrors in this business.

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