Prithviraj and priyamani dating

The director of the film had previously drawn criticism for his depictions of illicit romances as well as for assaulting his previous lead actress in a film, but Amala played down the issue citing that she had no problem with the director.She was approached after the major portions of her next release, Mynaa were ready, and signed on before listening to the entirety of the story, claiming that she was shocked but not upset with the controversial scenes which she heard later. However, her success was marred with extreme reactions from the public, with Amala claiming that she received death threats from anonymous callers and was publicly scolded by women at a cinema hall in Chennai.The buxom beauty Priyamani has always been one girl who believed in both sides of the coin, she was the perfect match for homely roles and fitted herself equally smooth in the glamorous roles.

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The film is a remake of the Malayalam language film, Classmates.Amala, after finishing her high school education from Nirmala higher secondary school, Aluva, and higher secondary education at Aluva Government Higher Secondary School, took a year out before joining college. At the time, her modelling portfolio was spotted by noted Malayalam director Lal Jose who offered her a supporting role in his remake, Neelathamara (2009).She later joined St Teresa's college, to pursue a B. Despite emerging a success, the film failed to attract any further offers, as she had anticipated.News is coming from the camps where she is doing her regional shootings that she has been getting close to one handsome star from the southern circuit, Prithviraj.Though link ups were a routine when Priyamani was in Telugu, most of them quashed it as rumors but this time things look quite a bit serious.

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