Progress bar not updating department of education consolidating student loans

I have read up on Percent in a Progress Bar Tutorial and I am still not getting an updated progress bar. Here is the code for the test project Not directly related to your problem, but: Agh! Who is disposing the return value of Create Graphics()?

Fill image fill background image, but wrong Progress Bar Filling Issue fbx import crashes Render Tranfrom is an incompleted option... Hearthstone is updating at the moment and the progress bar is doing the same graphical freeze bug - but the download is still going even though it's not updating in real time.I recently switched to SDD from HDD and reinstalled whole blizzard app.In my example i start a backgroundthread, that do "exactly" nothing, but there you can do nearly everything (time-consuming operatings like counting grains of sand), but nothing for GUI. If you want to refresh/update an GUI-Element like the progressbar or lable, you can use the Report Progress - function with an value or you use the invoke-function for the control. There is also another possibility you can try with our peace of code (but it is also not the best solution).

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