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In 2014, electronic dance music artist TJR released his track "Come Back Down", which features Benji on the track's vocals.

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He later helped write the songs "Amnesia" for pop rockers 5 Seconds of Summer and "No Ordinary Girl" for pop artist Kalin and Myles.then Unknown Rappers, Machine Gun Kelly, Rockie Fresh, Kreayshawn, Cassie Veggies, HXLT, and Wiz Khalifa all appeared on the mix-tape.In 2012, Benji appeared on the TV show The Voice Australia, alongside Joel as joint mentor-judges.Madden beat Rachtman by knockout at 1 minute and 42 seconds into the first round.On November 11, 2011, Madden and his brother Joel Madden released a free mix-tape, "The Madden Brothers: Before Volume 1".

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