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You can see that tweet and a few recent shots of the two below:2 years ago my mom and I didn't talk for months because I told her I had a girlfriend. Well, we all know that Barbie loves to experiment with different styles, but today she is torn between Kawaii (super cute Japanese inspired) and rocker (edgy punk) clothes!I went once and we had to stay at the mall overnight! Finally, you can mix the two styles together to create a unique cutesy punk look.

After putting out an ad requesting "two untalented girls" who couldn't play their instruments, the two friends were joined by the suitably inexperienced bassist Terri Ryan, soon to be rechristened Lorna Doom, and drummer Belinda Carlisle, dubbed Dottie Danger, who never played a show with the group due to an extended bout of mononucleosis and went on to fame and fortune as both lead vocalist of The Go-Go's and an even more successful solo artist.

Crash traveled to Britain, where he became heavily enamored with the music of Adam and the Ants, adopted an Adam Ant-inspired new look that included a mohawk, and put on a considerable amount of weight (some of which he eventually lost).

Upon his return to the United States, Crash formed the very short-lived Darby Crash Band; Circle Jerks drummer Lucky Lehrer joined the ill-fated ensemble on the eve of their first live performance, after Crash kicked out the drummer they'd rehearsed with during soundcheck and convinced Pat Smear to act as the group's guitarist.

I don't remember anything." After being threatened that police would be called if Beahm showed himself back on campus, he went to the school board to fight for his diploma.

Not long after their dismissal from IPS, Beahm and Ruthenberg began trying to form a band, inspired by the untamed, amateurs-open aesthetic of pre-punk groups like The Runaways and The Stooges.

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    READ MORE: * Gemma Flynn - much more than just 'Richie's bride to be' * Richie Mc Caw engaged to Gemma Flynn * Richie Mc Caw, Gemma Flynn wedding: Guests, dress, venue and more * Hockey beats rugby in celebrating Richie Mc Caw and Gemma Flynn's engagement In a round-up of Kiwi sports stars' romances in 2006, The Press reported Mc Caw "kept his love life quiet"."He seems more at home at the controls of a glider than in women's magazines."Fast-forward 10 months, and Mc Caw was being "romantically linked" to Dancing With The Stars "hottie" Hayley Holt.

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    Misogyny is so deep in Tunisian society to the point that so many women ended up internalizing it.