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It is designed for playing ostinato and clave patterns or playing into solos and funky sticking patterns.

The show hit a couple of speed bumps in the beginning of its six-season run, but it eventually became a fresh balance of comedy and drama that spoke true to the experiences of young black adults in the early-'90s. ) was brought in to replace the first episodes with new material. NEWS: Phylicia Rashad Says She Was 'Misquoted' in Interview Defending Cosby Despite being one of the biggest stars of the 1980s, Bonet stayed on the show for only one season.

His nickname is "El Pulpo" (which means the octopus in Spanish) a nickname given to him for his unique independence and ability to play multiple percussion instruments simultaneously. who is Puerto Rican grew up on the island with friends of his father which included Tito Puente and Armando Peraza and an appreciation for salsa and a love for Latin percussion.

Richie was voted to be one of the top Latin percussionists by his peers in the Modern Drummer Reader's Poll and one of the top Rock percussionists in DRUM! Gajate obtained his bachelor's degree in Music Education from the Conservatory of Music in Chicago, as well as his teaching credentials.

He was transformed into the resident computer guy, math whiz, and stylish man about campus.

The writing staff was fired and producer Anne Beatts (Remember Square Pegs?

Even before the show premiered, it ran into some problems.

Dwayne Wayne was geek chic long before it was a fad, and as the show went on, Hardison even wrote and directed some episodes.4.

Season two got a major makeover NBC was not satisfied with the lukewarm ovation that the first season received from audiences and critics. Enter Debbie Allen, the mastermind behind Fame — and Cosby matriarch Phylicia Rashad’s real-life sister.

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