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I can understand that hermaphrodites are a result of sin.But if homosexuality is wrong then what moral basis does a hermaphrodite or “its” parents have for selecting a gender?The International Association of Athletics Federations received the results of Semenya's 'gender verification test' this week, but it has refused to confirm the findings until they have been verified by a panel of independent scientific experts and the athlete has been personally informed.

Consequently we see mutations, cancer and developmental abnormalities.A truly Christian society will see those whom the world might see as unlovely as “made in the image of God” and therefore special and to be valued.This contrasts with atheistic or animistic societies where no one has any special value (except perhaps those in charge! To the atheist, humans are just intelligent animals, so we are nothing special and so abortion, euthanasia, infanticide, etc., are on the agenda.Hitler, with his evolutionary notions, decided to help natural selection along in eliminating the unfit.That included anyone with a defect such as hermaphroditism. If a person is an hermaphrodite, it does not give a licence for sexual experimentation. A person medically determined to be genetically and hormonally male and who underwent operations to clarify the physical features to make the person clearly male would be under the same biblical injunctions as any other male to be sexually pure.

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