Regular expression for validating url

The regular expression contains parts from Diego Perini's regular expression and the comments on his Gist as well as some stuff from the Symfony URL constraint pattern.Note that the challenge does not cover all possible valid URL constructs.Even more if you manage to find one, the regular expression will be highly complex.Why do all this when the browser is providing a HTML Regardless of the fact that you're doing client side validation with Javascript, do not forget to validate form fields on the server as well (with PHP or something).The problem with this is that the default Internet URL This offers a wider support for URL’s, but there is a small gotcha that you need to be aware of. If the user adds a url without http or https then an anchor with that url applied will break because it will be calling an external url, which requires the protocol; otherwise it is handled as a relative link by your browser. Of course, I recommend you always extract your common code into reusable methods, but that’s another discussion!The easiest and safest way to check whether an email address is well-formed is to use PHP's filter_var() function.Checking for URLs is easier than E-Mails so we'll use this example.In the example above we've defined an Array containing three URLs, all written in a valid but different Pattern.

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In the case of a URL, finding a regular expression that validates every type of URL possible is very difficult.

Let's construct a Reg Ex to match any of them, step by step.

If you plan to use this regular expression in your code consider to remove the username, password, port and IP address support; since such addresses should not be used for e.g.homepages of users on a profile page or within comments on a blog post.

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