Rick ross and foxy brown dating

But after spending so much time together, the couple is now an item, reports All Hip A source tells the website, "They are in fact a couple.Print publication Hip-Hop Weekly broke the news of their engagement, putting it as the cover story of its latest issue.It is claimed that former jailbird Brown has left her northern New Jersey home to live with the rap artist in his Miami mansion.

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Lauren attended the University Of Illinois and has worked with some of the BIGGEST BRANDS in the world.Rick Ross swept her off of her feet and this is gonna (be) the next big hip-hop couple.Rick Ross has a new girlfriend – and this one AIN’T A STRIPPER.Or, if it is, the Brooklyn/Miami couple is taking things a bit further.The issue cover story alleges that Foxy has vacated her northern New Jersey home to live with the recent rap superstar in his Miami mansion.

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