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She is the highest-ranking Hispanic official at the State Department, and the first Latina Under Secretary in its history. NCLR annually presents this award to an individual or organization that has made significant contributions to promoting the interests of Hispanic Americans. Another option being championed by community leaders is the family clinic named after him at nearby Christus Spohn Hospital Memorial, where he frequently treated sick patients when it was known as Memorial Hospital.

Jorge Muoz received the Maclovio Barraza Award for Leadership. "It still serves the poor, the generation of those he used to serve," said Alicia Gallegos-Gomez, a South Texas radio personality.

NCLR 150 Photos 10 Sessions videotaped can be see at this site. Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the contributions to the United States by Spain and other Hispanic identified countries in the Americas and elsewhere. Unfortunately, many Non-Hispanic Americans know little about the contributions to American life and culture by American Hispanics; that is, those Hispanics in the United States who are citizens of the United States either by birth or naturalization and, therefore, not (necessarily) citizens of Hispanic countries in the Americas and elsewhere. Hispanics from Hispanics in Spain and other Hispanic identified countries in the Americas and elsewhere is to think of the latter as Hispanic Americans and the former as American Hispanics.

Trevio-Savala served as Senior Staff Assistant with the Michigan State University College Assistance Migrant Program. There are some instances where American Hispanics like other groups have dual citizenship. American Hispanics live and work legitimately in the United States.

S.-Mexico border); and significant new interior enforcement initiatives such as 287(g) and Secure Communities. "The resulting immigration machinery, developed to help secure the nation's borders, now is also being directed more generally at illegal immigration and the unauthorized population." The Fact Sheet is available at: Rick Perry officially declared the month of September as Tejano Heritage Month. This moving commemorative ceremony inside the Alamo Shrine has featured such illustrious speakers as State Sen. From 2009 to 2010, the number of Hispanic young adults enrolled in college grew by 349,000, compared with an increase of 88,000 young blacks and 43,000 young Asian-Americans and a decrease of 320,000 young non-Hispanic whites. "I know there is some concern about the part of town, but you know Dr.This award is presented to an individual renowned in the world of sports and committed to the advancement of Hispanic Americans. VETERANS MEMORIAL SCHOOL CAMPUS NAMING CEREMONY (July 2009) 36. Other suggestions include Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, which houses his extensive collection of historical papers and has a plaza dedicated to him. The company of area developers is investing heavily in Downtown, including renovating several historic buildings surrounding the plaza.The Raul Yzaguirre President's Award was given to Jos H. Or his grave at Seaside Memorial Park, where each year friends and family honor his life. In its original design, SWA had done away with the statue amid concerns that it was in poor condition due to exposure from the elements. However, our research indicates the contribution of Latino patriots is relatively unknown.The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 prompted the profound realignment of the U. immigration system, with national security and enforcement the dominant lens through which programs and budgets have been shaped over the past decade. She is leading the effort for a local marker and wants public input about where it should be placed. "It's just had some bad luck." It has been vacant for 15 years, most recently embroiled in a family dispute about its restoration.The post-9/11 era has witnessed the largest government reorganization since World War II; increased information sharing and data collection across international, federal, state and local law enforcement and intelligence agencies; the broad use of nationality-based screening and enforcement initiatives; and the expansion of immigrant detention policies. Four years ago the National Archives and Historical Foundation of the American GI Forum, the fundraising arm established by Dr. Garcia to help pay for college scholarships and for a repository for GI Forum documents, lost a 0,000 federal grant to help.

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