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OK,there is so much on these boards about how wonderfully sexy Scottish men can be (especially in the ubiquitous kilt).

There are lots of romantic stories of women lusting after 'rugged' Scots men.

Didnt "walk around with my head up my a***" so to speak..I see nothing of how wonderful Scottish women can be - except when people are remembering how good at cooking their granny was or trying to find out more about Scottish women in history.So, with this topic, I am celebrating modern Scottish women today.Hey ya'll, For me I happen to like scottish women...several reasons... ------------------ Gor Jellie I could kiss you girlie! As you can imagine my ego gets a huge boost through this but Im soon deflated when they run screaming from the pubs in horror upon finding out what I look like!!can take care of themselves, will stand beside their man and alot of times be his inspuration, love the accent and appear to be modest but proud of their femininity(sp) at the same time, all of which I find allurring and provocitive. And the fact that I can drink most Englishmen under the table seems to scare them too (Or maybe its the fact that Im an expensive date...) My most recent relationship was with a man from down here and he said that he was attracted to me because I was so different from the "Fluffy English airheads" (His words not mine!!

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