Sean paul and beyonce dating

This incident occurred after “Baby Boy” was recorded but before the video and the MTV Video Awards performance.

According to the source, this incident was the root cause of why Sean Paul could not be around Beyoncé.

Sean Paul, 43, was already a dancefloor favourite in his own right at the time but Baby Boy propelled his profile globally.

Revealing what it was like to work with Beyonce, the Jamaican rapper said during AOL's Build live-stream: "She's amazing, a focused person, very talented.

According to source close to the Jay Z and Beyoncé circle it all started as a joke by Beyoncé which was taken too seriously by Jay Z.

The couple were said to be at a dinner with friends a few weeks before Halloween and Halloween costumes were being discussed.

"The whole direction of the video was sold to me as, 'You're in a dream world,' " Sean Paul said when he appeared on "Rap Fix Live" on September 12.

"It was not a big deal to me, but it really blew up into crazy stuff." When SP wasn't onstage with Beyoncé for her 2003 MTV VMA performance, many speculated that B's now-hubby Jay-Z had blocked the Jamaica-born dancehall star from getting his shine on.

More than ten years later and we are now finding out that it was not a rumor but a fact that Jay Z prevented Sean Paul from performing with Beyoncé.It was cool to be able to work stuff out with her right there."However, reports began circulating that Beyonce's then-boyfriend Jay Z was jealous of their close working relationship and allegedly banned Sean Paul from performing with the singer at the 2003 MTV VMAs.Referring to the scandal, Sean Paul added: "The song became number one for nine odd weeks or something like that and the controversy – it was a crazy time in my career.So up to now, I still [perform] the song, it's a huge song for me and her and I just thank her for having me."Still, it has not deterred Sean Paul from working with queen Bey again, as he said of a possible future collaboration: "I would love to [work with her again]. I'll try [and contact her via direct message]."Sean Paul has enjoyed a tremendous 2016 so far with hit singles including Cheap Thrills with Sia, Hair featuring Little Mix and Rockabye with Clean Bandit, which topped the charts earlier in November.Sean Paul and the electronic pop collective performed the single on The X Factor on 27 November but the rapper says he has no interest in joining the panel.

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