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The older security guard told him that Veronica and the others had left almost an hour earlier and Mark knew she was probably at the casino now, where the main party was happening.

He again called her and this time she picked up on the third ring.

That's when it hit him, she was checking to see how much time she had before he showed up.

By his calculations, he wasn't supposed to be here for another 90 minutes or so.

He reasoned that if Veronica saw him, he could say he had only been kidding and had just arrived.

He reached a good spot but after a few minutes, he noticed that they didn't walk past him.

Then it hit him, they were heading to the home of Mr.

Yes, two, so he quickly moved among the people there, using them as cover in case she looked back.Deciding to find out what she was up to, he told her he would still go to the casino, but with the deteriorating conditions, he probably wouldn't get there for at least two hours, so she could finish up with her work and he would meet her in one of the gaming rooms.His concerns were intensified when he heard Veronica sigh.Luckily for Mark, he was able to finish early and struggled through heavy snow to reach the party and join his wife.He decided to surprise her, but when arrived at her work, he noticed the parking lot was full, so he pulled into one of the last spots on the side road, not next to Veronica's SUV which is where he usually parked.

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