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Now it's time to get back to the house and a photo shoot. We've been around tits for a long time but we have to admit we never heard of this "Nipple Painting" game. Later, Paola is chilling out and listening to music with headphones. Paola has natural Latina rhythm and shakes her tits and ass. She should have been a topless go-go dancer in front of a horny audience. " Karla says, out of breath just watching Paola go-go-go.The outfit of choice is a hot pink net dress that's not suitable for leaving the house without bodyguards. Within a few minutes, Paola is stripping off her dress to total nudity. One of Paraguay's leading citizens--at SCORELAND anyway--the very enchanting Paola Rio chits and chats with a SCORE staffer about her interests, her bod and her hobbies.Paola Rios dolls herself up, dressing like a burlesque striptease dancer from an earlier time.She puts her hair up and dresses in an old-fashioned garter belt and stockings.

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Paola finds what she wants but she needs to try them on her beautiful natural tits. The second bra is a maternity bra but Paola seems to like it.

With a maternity bra, the cups can unfastened from the strap so they can be dropped down to expose the nipple and much of the breast for easier access and hassle-free sucking. She continues her bra spree, checking her chest out in the dressing room mirror! If Paola doesn't like the color of the lipstick for her lips, she can apply it to her areolae and nipples. Karla comes up with another nipple game: how long it takes for Paola to get her nipples hard.

Size isn't important, more important is knowing how to use it. "You can watch it drip from here, from there, with cherries..." Paola says, pointing to her nipples with her fingers.

It's no good having a big dick if a man does not know how to use it." Sweet-faced Latina Paola Rios tries on a new bustier she's brought back to the apartment she's staying in with the SCORE team. We are in the fantabulous city of Buenos Aries, Argentina and Paraguayan hottie Paola has joined us for a six part Bad Girl In BA tour of this erotic metropolis.

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