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Lost in thought I brought the vibrator to my nose and inhaled. “38 years old, a body women half her age would kill for, tons of sexual energy and no-one to enjoy it with. My cock throbbed as I realized I was looking at a shaved pussy, my own mother's freshly shaven pussy. She was doing everything her favorite porn actresses did and enjoyed every second of it.

“There was no romance at all” “Have you ever heard of a gangbang that did involve romance? Ever since I learned of the existence of this mysterious drawer, it had been my sole goal in life to discover whatever was hidden inside it. It means...” “Yes, I know what it means” “Then what's the problem? To accompany it, I had acquired a few bottles of champagne. I put the studio lamps in place, aimed the stationary cameras at the bench and made sure they would catch all the action.

”she cried out, “Do you know how dangerous those things are?

I was hoping to buy a motorbike, but that can wait” “A motorbike?

Half an hour later we were laying in bed, cuddling while we recovered. Michelle also had a plan to get mom prepared without raising too much suspicion. We just have to send them the money, and they'll send us the men” she said. ” I asked, a little uneasy about sending that much money to an unknown agency. I trust the guy that works for them” “Then we're really gonna do it? I had expected a few raised eyebrows when Michelle explained the men that the gangbang was supposed to be a birthday present for our single mother, but they didn't even bat an eye.

“I'll never want anyone but you either.” The kiss quickly progressed into another round of lovemaking. We would split everything 50-50 and I already knew where I could borrow a couple of cameras for cheap, along with the rest of the equipment necessary to make a professional movie. The guys started to arrive around four, well ahead of mom. They were chatting casually and having a drink while they waited for things to get started.

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    But in this game it means the genre of story being told.