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On June 30, Dunklin’s seven-year term on the Game & Fish Commission ended.He was the chairman during his final year and a leading proponent for finding new ways to attract migrating ducks to Arkansas.Bayou Meto is surrounded by exclusive private duck clubs.One of those is George Dunklin Jr.’s Five Oaks, which attracts hunters from across the country and will be filled this weekend.There are two waterfowl rest areas, Halowell Reservoir and the Wrape Plantation.

Dunklin didn’t set out to be a farmer and a nationally recognized conservationist.Local chapters host more than 4,400 fund-raising events each year, meaning that Dunklin will spend a lot of time away from his beloved Five Oaks during his two years as president.Since its founding, DU has helped conserve 6.3 million acres in Canada, 4.5 million acres in the United States and 1.8 million acres in Mexico.The elder Dunklin was the top-ranked player in the Southern Tennis Association for almost a decade in the late 1940s and early 1950s and was a semifinalist in the national senior championship in 1968.Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Paul Greenberg once wrote of Dunklin Sr.: “George Dunklin’s biggest win — it’s not easy choosing — was probably his triumph in the Southwest Open at Little Rock in 1947.

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