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In an interview with The Christian Post on Wednesday, he argued that "men are called by God to take responsibility for provision for their families."Bishop Harry R.

Jackson, Jr., senior pastor of Hope Christian Church and presiding bishop of the International Communion of Evangelical Churches, disagreed.

The pastor argued that this means "he's going to have to take into account her career, her passions, her desires, and put them on at least the same level as he would put his own career and personal aspirations."Leadership in the Church Jackson also argued that women can lead in the church.

He pointed to the example of Priscilla and Aquilla as evidence that some women can have "a stronger gifting in terms of the church." Strachan, however, said that this example does not work, since Priscilla and Aquilla were discipling Apollos, rather than leading a church body.

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Headship Is Not About Salary"I think the church has got to teach that the value of headship in the home is not about ownership or about the level of a salary, but that the husband does work hard at providing," Jackson commented.

"It's not merely the act of childbearing that is cursed, it's the entire domestic field that's going to work against her, just as the plants of the field are going to work against Adam."The Theology professor also referred to specific passages of Scripture tasking women over the home.

"In Titus 2:5, women are called to be workers at home, while men are nowhere called to be workers at home," Strachan argued.

The Biblical Calling to Provide"There's a script for our sexuality in the very design of our bodies," Strachan argued, outlining the roles of men and women in the family and the church.

"Men are called to be the primary leader, protector, and provider of the home – you see that in Genesis 2 and you see that even in the curse," the professor argued.

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