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Last week a 10-year old Singaporean boy was electrocuted playing a shoot-em-up game in a computer arcade. A clear case for liability can be established here. But let's be clear about this, the TSIA's real target is Micron.In its pursuit of Asian DRAM dumpers , the US Department of Commerce sometimes comes across as the legal wing of Micron.

Taiwan's ITC will rule on the Micron complaint within 45 days.

It was developed from JVM code licensed from Sun and improved by IBM.

Unlike Microsoft's own non-standard, impure version that was deliberately modified to remove cross-platform capabilities (as came out in great detail during the evidence from James Gosling during the Microsoft trial), IBM's version is pure Java, or "fully compliant" as IBM puts it.

Nevertheless, Ballmer was confident it would be delivered in the second half of this year, although Microsoft apologists are already suggesting that volume shipments will be next year.

Microsoft will be pricing itself out of the market (guesses are in the 00 to 00 range, which is 30 per cent too high), since leaks suggest it will have NT server.

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