Sober dating chicago

Even those who make it through addiction can discover that the pesky problems that proceeded sobriety are still there.

Of those struggles, the one that seems to take center stage rests in the love department. Many come into recovery having been isolated to the point that romantic relationships were but a distant thought; others are in relationships that no longer work when they stop numbing themselves.

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(She’s now dating a guy she met at a 12-step meeting.) Sarah’s not alone with that frustration and as a result, many sober people decide they want to date other sober people.Why on earth, I ask, would someone who’s so into pot or alcohol that they put it on their profile be attracted to a site called Single and Sober? Sober dating without alcohol doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds.Reed noticed that and, sensing a need, decided to do something about it—namely create a dating site for sober people.“I was curious if a dating website existed that was tailored around people in recovery from drugs and alcohol.

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