Spain sex with women

Yet many of them long for a man: a man who will treat them as an equal human being that wants to be loved, cared for and respected; not a prince who will come along and rescue them from… And yet they are finding that there are still double standards for men and women when it comes to sexuality.In a Catholic country in which the only female role models are either Mary Magdalene or the Virgin Mary, there isn’t much room for women to be considered full human beings with full equal rights, including, of course the right to being a sexual being.I’m sorry but no, those things hurt me, degrade me and do not give me pleasure at all.

Spanish single women are finding out that expressing their sexuality with whom they want to and when they want to -or sleeping around if you prefer- leads to punishment: the punishment of being neglected and ignored by men.

I found out he wasn’t married or anything like that. Is there something wrong with sleeping with someone or what?

” Ignoring a woman after having slept with her seems to be common in Spain.

Spanish women have seen significant advances towards equality in recent years.

With a government in power passing various laws to promote equality, progress has been made.

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