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But as an NHS nurse, I am under the same pressures as I would be anywhere.

It's a fairly high dependency ward, with patients recovering from major surgery such as cardiac bypasses, so the level of care and commitment needed is very high.

She says: I work for the NHS on a private patients unit.

This means treating private patients on better wards with nicer meals for them.

She says: It was very hard for me to leave the NHS and go into agency nursing, because it went against everything I believed in.Indeed, agency nurses are costing the Government hundreds of pounds a year.Yet despite the onerous conditions, nmany nurses remain committeed to their demanding vocation.After my training, I went into A&E and knew I had found my niche.I divide my 37-hour week into three long days, working 7.30am to 9pm. There is a bit of a snobbish attitude towards agency nurses because some view them as having taken the easier option.

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