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An event is a flag that is raised upon the occurrence of an event.The event can be read by other classes or other applications to cause some action to be taken.Often, it is desirable to present content that changes on a periodic basis or that is formed from a calculation or manipulation of other content.While such content can still be cached, the cached values of the content are valid only for a limited duration.One way of making data available for transport is by creating a static file such as an HTML file that can be downloaded from the server to a client computer system where it can be viewed.

A: Click JUNK on Ribbon/Toolbar -Choose Junk Email Options -Click Add -Type the address that you want to whitelist -Repeat for each address you would like to add.Scripts can be embedded among other HTML tags to create Web pages that are dynamic and customizable.Just as objects can be called in programs such as those written in Visual Basic, Java Script, and C#, so to can the same objects be called in scripts that are based on these and other languages. NET framework comprises thousands of classes that Web page developers can use to develop Web pages. Form provides an indication of the location of a particular class.Further, the use of cached data can reduce the number of calculations needed to generate content for delivery to a requesting client computer system.Modem networks have facilitated the ability to broadly transfer digital information to and from various locations.

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