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Loss of revenue without recurring payments reduces the annual revenue for the owner by as much as 10 times.Fraud systems are never built into dating scripts and they are often targets for scammers; controlling these is difficult unless new subscriptions are hand checked.Similarly payment systems are based around third party merchant accounts that are expensive and cannot offer recurring payments.If you work with a template system provider, you will receive a share of revenue, but normally only on initial payments, or on a per profile or email basis.Very few dating scripts come with a database; the ones that do are fairly unique and include members that are taken from other sites (that have often been used and over used before).If there is no database then you will have to run the site for free until you reach a critical mass. You usually find that dating sites that have been established using ‘scripts’ have a very low conversion rate due to a small database and limited site functionality.

And as we explain below there are a number of options available to you from starting from scratch and building up our own site all by yourself, or by adopting one of the various types of support/partnership mechanisms available.Clearly the best solution for any start-up online dating organisation or indeed any organisation that sees a natural portal link from its existing sites to a dating site would be via a dating service organisation.With little or no financial outlay, a new site can be up and running within 24 hours, and making money immediately.If you do become successful and create a large database of members, the financial rewards from creating your own site can be great, but the risks are high, with a level of initial cash outlay on hardware, software, and staffing that is unacceptable for many people.However do not despair there are other ways to get started on running a very successful online dating business which do not demand quite such a high initial spend, or indeed quite such an expansive knowledge of the ins and outs of creating an internet based business.

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