Sullivan dating

She goes into an abandoned store for supplies when she runs into an injured but armed man.He asks her for her help but she remains on guard and keeps her weapon on him.There was confusion that was quickly followed by fear as there were loud sounds being heard from the outside.Cassie and the rest of her class watched as a plane started to fall from the sky and crashed not far from their window.

Later on, news arrived from passerbys that giant tsunami waves had flooded the east coast and buried cities underwater as the 2nd Wave.

As for his personal life, things seem to be looking pretty darn good.

He has been dating former figure skater, Jordan Sullivan since meeting while attending Cushing Academy.

She carries the horror of this time with her for much of the book.

She then begins to write in her journal for whoever may come to read it and even makes comments about her thoughts on The Others should one of them stumble on it so that they know what she thinks of them.

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