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The continuing crisis in Syria has left over 470,000 people dead (Syrian Center for Policy Research, 2016), including over 12,000 children, and over 7.6 million internally displaced.UNICEF estimates that 8.4 million children are affected by the conflict either in Syria or as refugees.The lives of Syrian children have been greatly affected by the conflict.Every day numerous violations of children’s rights take place in areas such as health, education, protection, etc.

Both in Syria and its neighbouring countries, Syrian children have been forced to become breadwinners in their families.

Several thousand have lost family members and have been forced to flee their homes, only to become displaced within Syria or in neighbouring countries.

Others still have made the precarious journey — often alone — across the Mediterranean to make their way to Europe.

Syrian children are regularly exposed to escalating violence and explosive weapon attacks.

Some are forced to become child soldiers while others are pushed into the workforce to provide for their families.

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