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According to Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, teenagers are, get this, .

The actual study doesn’t adopt Vator New’s fear-mongering tone, except in the way that all sentences about the online activities of teenagers sound like they’re pulled from a “Nightline” investigation.

Although the study notes, “There are no statistically significant differences between online black youth and either white or Latino youth in video chatting.”Parents’s income and education are also a factor: Online teens from families with the lowest levels of parental education – where a parent has not received a high school diploma – are much less likely than others to video chat with just 14% of teens in those families video chatting, compared with 40% of teens with parents with higher levels of education.

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With Twitter it’s 60 percent of users, compared with 33 percent of non-users.

In Vator News parlance, that probably makes social media a gateway drug, right?

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