Traynor amp serial number dating holydating com

It tells exactly what year each amp model was introduced.

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If it's a 7-digit serial number, the first digit of the serial is the last digit of the year.

I have a ygl-3 mark and would like to determine what year it was made. Sorry for questions that might be painfully obvious to some of you, I'd just like to learn more about my and paste this site for information about dating your amp from the serial number: I would hotlink it but it doesn't like to be hotlinked.

I also can't figure out what kind of speakers are in it, so how would I go about finding that out?

It all depends on how many pots they ordered and how long it took them to put all of them into amps before buying a new batch.

The most reliable source for knowing info about Traynor amps is *not* Velvet Black. They took the time to put together a really long pdf file with the history of the Traynor brand, all the financial and production and whatnot.

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