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Cara Mia's character was renamed Shante in her season three appearances. In the United Kingdom, reruns of the series air on Living and Channel One.

Although Norway is in most ways very modern, it has maintained many of its traditions.

The series is premised on a self-made merchant, Michael Richard Kyle (Damon Wayans), who owns a trucking company and brings up his family in the suburbs of Stamford, Connecticut.

He is married to Janet Kyle, typically referred to as "Jay" (Tisha Campbell-Martin), who had been a housewife but joined the workforce in the pilot (but decided to become a homemaker once again after she was fired from her job in the season two episode "Jay Gets Fired").

At bible camp, Tony sings a song about everyone else not being God's favorite until lighting strikes at Tony which destroys the hat.

The series ends after Jay tells Michael the bad news.

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She became executive story editor in season three, producer in season four and supervising producer in season five.Kim never made an on-camera appearance on the show.Damien Dante Wayans wrote and directed several episodes of the series from seasons three through five.When Michael is at the hospital he doesn't go through with the surgery as a doctor with a sugar rushing hand named Dr. When he tells Jay he didn't have the surgery, Jay says she'll get her tubes tied.The next day when Jay is at the hospital, she says these words, "It doesn't matter anymore, Michael. Meanwhile Tony has a dream about bible camp and tells Claire to build him a hat to be God's favorite.

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