Updating 1950 paneling

Hey, I’m also going to my library today to get a copy of The Pickwick Papers to read. There is no doubt in our mind that pickwick pine paneling was massively popular in American homes after World War II — we will venture to guess it was the #1 most popular pine paneling pattern.Some googling found this reference to pickwick pine — a 1956 ad in the Nashua, New Hampshire Telegraph.Stare at the profile edge from the side and you can see: Pickwick consists of two beads with a hollow in between on one side of each board… and on the other side of the board, there is a groove.In the industry, this profile is known as pattern “WP-2” — see the diagram above. Buy your boards, let them rest in the house for a few days to adjust to the humidity, start piecing the boards together, coat them in wood conditioner and then lay on the liquid bug poop — aka Amber Shellac, and voila, you got yer room full o’ knotty pine — just like at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

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Also, I like the idea of using randow widths and piecing them together.

Pine was common and easy to cut, thus many colonial homes used pine for paneling, floors and furniture. Native Plant Society of NJ Newsletter Winter 2003 pp 2–3.

Pine was also a favorite tree of loggers since pine logs can still be processed in a lumber mill a year or more after being cut down. Fast forward to the middle of the 20th century, fast-growing pine remained an easy wood to obtain.

I also asked him if he knew how long the pattern had been available America, and while he did not know, he thought it had been available for quite a long time — since the early 20th century, at minimum. No pinus strobus here, it appears — it’s an East Coast wood.

Above: Yes, the 1960 catalog that we found says Americans have lived with knotty pine for generations…. This photo and the one above courtesy the MBJ Collection on

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