Updating device content

For purposes of this invention, the device "file system" is a system for managing a plurality of files stored on the device structure of the tissue storage space, and may be any suitable type of structural organization system.",, file system tables can be viewed as one or more tables or lists, in particular, it contains a file system management data structure, such as references to each file and gives the location of the file on the device path name.Modifying the content of the portable device can be any suitable portable organizer (orgnizer) with the establishment of the master device can be connected for data transmission to achieve, such as the master device is any computer, a mobile phone, a personal digital organizer.Another particularly advantageous in the present invention is characterized by storage file system table replica, data loss can be prevented, or, if the connection to the master device is accidentally cut off too quickly or if data loss may occur.In addition, the portable device further comprising: at least a portion of a copy of the file system in order to give the file system copies the original copy unit for comparing the modified file system to the existing file system copies of the comparator, and updating means for updating the portable device based on the comparison result of the content database.Such a portable device also typically includes a display unit of the device to allow the user to see the content stored on the device, where the representation is derived or constructed from metadata of the content file.

Thus, in one embodiment of the present invention, the content metadata scan all the files listed in the file system to modify the table, and a content database is constructed based on information obtained from the content metadata, which enables a database update.when the Fn, the data is transmitted from the external device 4 to the portable device 1.In order to determine that the required update to the database 3 also reflect these modifications, the modified file system with the file system table 2 Table 2 replicas in the comparator 8, comparing.Table 2 because the file system architecture is basically a copy of the file system table 2, the same, the comparator 8 can easily deduce what files Fi, F2, ..., Fn has been created, deleted, or otherwise modified .That have been deleted from the file system F ,, F2, ..., Fn database reference has been deleted from the database 3, 3 so that the database is automatically updated to reflect the actual state of the file system.

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