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hadoop,logging,log4j,kerberos I found an answer here As i am using YARN framework, i just added the below line in log4j.properties file for mapred.audit.logger log4j.apache.server.resourcemanager. java,swing,while-loop,jtextarea,updating Correction: This won't help since the infinite loop will still block the EDT forever... Your while loop is a really bad idea, but if you insist, you can at least give the EDT a chance to update the UI by dispatching your append asynchronously: Swing Utilities.invoke Later(new Runnable() { @Override public... //in the Mouse Listener: JText Area text Area = new JText Area(); viewer Tab((String) Value At(row, 0), null , new JPanel().add(text Area), (String) Value At(row, 0)); viewer Selected Index(viewer Component Count()-1); index To Text Area.put(viewer Component Count()-1, text Area); When you want... java,loops,jtextarea Assuming you want to exit the loop once one of the two if conditions are met.java,log4j I'm not 100% sure about this, because it's been a while that I was using log4j and we used to write the configuration in xml, but I think you have to create loggers like this: log4Logger=Quiet Appender, Loud Appender, TRACE log4j.logger. Just use break; class Listener1 implements Action Listener{ public void action Performed (Action Event e){ for(int a = 0; a java,multithreading,log4j,slf4j Dunno if I understand your problem: you want your same log message goes to different log file, depending on the data you are processing?logging,log4j Your explicit definition of the logger called com.myapp.usercontroller contains a threshold level parameter that is overriding the value that would otherwise have been inherited by the root logger.When you change the root logger's priority from INFO to DEBUG, then that will affect every logger except those loggers which have...Click the "Lonely" button then switch // to Tab 2, then click the "Friendly" button.You'll see that the // scrollbar doesn't appear till the friendly button gets clicked. Document; import *; import event.*; class Text Area Scroll Bug extends JFrame (Review ID: 37463) ====================================================================== WORK AROUND Name: el35337 Date: 09/24/98 Write a listener to add then remove a character from the text area whenever it becomes visible.java,maven,hadoop,logging,log4j For Maven you have to put the log4j.properties or log4file in main/resources folder. java,text,jtextarea You can use Document Filter for JText Area's Document. java,log4j,java-web-start,slf4j,logback To find out what jar or classpath entry has the slf4j bridge/implementation use the following code in your My Main. Since it Spring Boot relies on Apache commons-logging and logback. java,html,swing,clipboard,jtextarea Okay, so basically, because the highlighter is just "painted" over the JText Area and doesn't actually adjust the style of the text, you kind of need to do it all yourself Basically you need to: Get a list of all the current highlights Extract the text from the document Wrap it...

log4j.gargoylesoftware.htmlunit=error log4j.apache.http=error ... java,swing,simulation,jtextarea Steve's solution with changing the default caret works very well, but there is also another solution and that is to execute all the key presses in the main thread like this: logging,concurrency,io,log4j As nobody answered my question, This link somehow help me through solving my problem. so while one thread is writing another thread that wants to write has to wait until the other one is finished. java,jscrollpane,jtextarea,miglayout Here's the issue: sp Simple = new JScroll Pane(txt Simple); simple Panel.add(txt Simple,"width 10 , height 10"); You're not adding the JScroll Pane to the layout.

However, you can fake it by carefully positioning a div behind the textarea and adding your highlight markup there.

Java Script takes care of syncing the content and scroll position from the textarea to the div, so everything lines up nicely.

family=Open Sans); *, *::before, *::after body .container, .backdrop, textarea .highlights, textarea .container .backdrop .highlights textarea mark button .perspective .backdrop .perspective textarea textarea:focus, button:focus var $container = $('.container'); var $backdrop = $('.backdrop'); var $highlights = $('.highlights'); var $textarea = $('textarea'); var $toggle = $('button'); // yeah, browser sniffing sucks, but there are browser-specific quirks to handle that are not a matter of feature detection var ua = window.Lower Case(); var is IE = !!

I'm an inexperienced Java developer writing an application that is handling a backup. java,encryption,log4j A possible workaround to the problem is to write the logs to an embedded database that supports encryption, e.g.

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