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Only the sticker on the side gave any indication what was actually in the box.

Inside the laptop had some custom Styrofoam holders that secured it by the ends preventing any sort of movement and keeping about 1½" of space on all sides of the notebook.

I woke up a bit early the day the sale started and was lucky enough to be number six in line with eight available at the store.

By the time they opened there were about 100 people in line (which isn’t that bad if you’ve ever shopped the Black Friday sales on the East Coast).

i am having trouble finding the right ram so that i can upgrade it from 2gb - 6gb.

When you limit yourself to about 0 there are not many alternatives to the 6-pound, 15.4", integrated graphics, budget Celeron or Sempron specials that seem to keep constantly showing up in all the weekend flyers.I had made my purchase and was out of the store before everyone in line had a chance to enter the building.For those that missed the sale, be sure to check the "Laptop Deals" section in this site as they frequently post HP coupons.I decided that I would not settle for anything lower than an entry level dual-core processor and I didn’t want to mess with any sort of mail-in rebate.I expected at least a 100GB hard drive and a DVD burner with Vista Home Premium – everything else I considered to be gravy.

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