Updating platform sun4v boot archive ts marriage dating

Halt and reboot commands will create big time bang, be aware!!!

Once system is up it should show new kernel patch version.

Great, it's been a week after patching and application, DB owners are happy with patching stuffs and now we need to perform post patching stuffs upon certain confirmations.

POST PATCHING WORK TO DO - A Week LATER....=========================================Now a week later I need to delete the old boot environment and rebuild the metadevices to be in mirror layout.

PCA setup tips can be found at - PCA needs in case setting it up - - PERL distribution- At least one server which is internet facing (this server will then act as a proxy to rest of servers)- Patch cross-reference file called (latest one always while patching)- Valid Oracle support (MOS) user ID and password- If at all required, some wrapper scripts to PCA To do so, let us mount the alternate BE on mount point say /a This will update patches on global as well as non-global zones.

Once the patches are installed it will automatically un-mounts the ABE sol10pu mounted on mount point /a.

BOOT - R' height='119px; ' id='Header1_headerimg' src=' Otrdd8/Vt Gt ECkch5I/AAAAAAAAFVY/1fj Hgm DYS_Y/s1600-r/logo3.png' style='display: block;padding-left:0px;padding-top:0px;' width='210px; '/ I know that many sysadmins prefer the unix console to connect to other hosts. ## Checking for conflicts with packages already installed. zonecfg:s8-zone From doc id 1019682.1How to Setup Solaris 8 and 9 Containers (Branded Zones) in Solaris 10 (Doc ID 1019682.1) Ensure the Solaris release on Global Zone is higher or equal to Solaris 10_U6, unless upgrade Solaris to a recent release bash-3.2# more /etc/release Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 s10s_u10wos_17b SPARC Copyright (c) 1983, 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. Assembled 23 August 2011 Starting from Solaris 10_U6, SUNWs[89]brand[ru] packages are delivered with the DVD/ISO For Solaris 10_U6 and higher, these packages must be used instead of the the packages included in downloaded or s8containers-bundle-solaris10gz or s9containers-bundle-solaris10- gz Package SUNWs[89]brand[ru] are part of subcluster SUNWCsolaris8 (SUNWCsolaris9) These packages are included in Meta Cluster : SUNWCXall or SUNWCall For other Meta Clusters, SUNWs[89]brand[ru] packages needs to be added to system Please ensure that the packages are installed from DVD/ISO of the very same Solaris release as shown in /etc/system Check existence of the SUNWs[89]brand[ru] packages bash-3.2# pkginfo | egrep brand system SUNWs8brandr Solaris 8 Containers: solaris8 brand support (Root) system SUNWs8brandu Solaris 8 Containers: solaris8 brand support (Usr) system SUNWs9brandr Solaris 9 Containers: solaris9 brand support (Root) system SUNWs9brandu Solaris 9 Containers: solaris9 brand support (Usr) For all Solaris releases, package SUNWs8brandk ( SUNWs9brandk) needs to be added Package SUNWs8brandk ( SUNWs9brandk) is part of downloaded s9containers-bundle-solaris10gz // older name-scheme for Solaris 9 bundle p11842137_900_SOLARIS64// new name-scheme for Solaris 9 bundle s8containers-bundle-solaris10gz // older name-scheme for Solaris 8 bundle p11702874_800_SOLARIS64// new name-scheme for Solaris 8 bundle i.e. ## Checking for conflicts with packages already installed. [Wed Aug 19 PDT 2015] S20_apply_patches: Unpacking patch: 109221-01 [Wed Aug 19 PDT 2015] S20_apply_patches: Installing patch: 109221-01 Checking installed patches... Using RPC Bootparams for network configuration information.

There might be many more benefits out there, however I find above benefits best fit for my purpose.

So to summarize, all tasks except the reboot can be accomplished on an operational production system; the impact on any running process is minimal.

Live Upgrade is a combination of maximizing system availability when applying changes and minimizing risk by offering the ability to reboot to a known working state (your original environment). let's see how to do it in real life, in my current environment we have many servers which uses Solaris Volume Manager as their primary volume manager to manage the disk and data.

Now it's time to activate the ABE sol10pu which just been patched using Live Upgrade utility.

NOTE: Live upgrade always uses init 6 or shutdown commands.

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