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If the computer clock loses time although you keep adjusting it, there may be a serious reason.This article shows you what the underlying causes may be and how you can fix them.If you’re obsessed with seeing the exact atomic clock time on your computer no matter what, you may want to set up synchronization with a remote server.Before you do that, however, please note that an inaccurate Windows clock should not be taken lightly.When your system’s internal clock loses its time, it can interrupt scheduled tasks or lead to weird Windows errors.Moreover, a time that’s off by minutes or even hours can make you run late or miss appointments.Therefore, if you consider issues like accuracy, reliability and security important for your network, an independent NTP/SNTP server is strongly recommended alternative to do the job.

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The changes are saved permanently in the Windows registry.To check it open a Date and Time window (click "time" icon in the lower right corner of the desktop) - Note that w32time service may only be enabled when no other ntp daemon is installed on your system. To check if w32time is running, do the following: go to Control Panel-Services.Scroll to "Windows Time" feature and check its "Status", which should be on "running".For example in Windows 8, check firewall settings in Control Panel -Advanced settings.If the firewall is on, one has to enable Inbound and Outbound Rules for "Specific local ports" in our case UDP, port 123.

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