Usp 797 medium risk beyond use dating

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In light of this call to ensure patient safety, hospital pharmacies have been evaluating their use of outsourcing and their own compliance with United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) chapter Microbial contamination of CSPs can occur in any practice setting and puts patients at risk of significant morbidity and mortality.

Risk of Microbial Contamination While the benefit of bedside preparation of agents clearly outweighs the risk in certain situations, there appears to be a greater risk of microbial contamination in syringes prepared in patient care areas.

A study evaluating the incidence of microbial contamination of CSPs evaluated 3 testing environments: an ISO class 5 horizontal laminar-airflow hood in an ISO class 6 cleanroom, an ISO class 7 drug preparation area in an operating room, and an uncontrolled decentralized pharmacy on a ward.

Exposing sterile ingredients and devices to air quality below ISO Class 5 will create a high-risk compounding situation, as will the prolonged storage of opened or partially-used products that lack antimicrobial preservatives in an environment in les than ISO Class 5 conditions.

The beyond use dating would only be applicable under the assumption that the admixture was compounded for a single patient and not for anticipated batch compounding.

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