Validating stories on the internet

As no evidence was ever found to support the "Russian influence" campaign, Facebook and others come under pressure to deliver the "evidence" the U. The last nonsense of the "Russia hacked the election" campaign was a recent letter from the Department of Homeland Security which warned 21 states, a year too late, that their election systems were attacked by something "Russia".So far three of the 21 states have debunked the DHS claim.Is this the old Europe returning with gestapo tactics? I don't have a dog in this fight but shouldn't the Catalans have a right to vote to secede like the Scots and the Quebecois had?It was probably premature to write The "Russian Influence" Story Falls Apart: b."it`s" instead of "it's." Using the wrong apostrophe must, of course, mean that Putin personally paid whoever hides behind that account. This would suggest that while China is a subject of attention and competition, it is not yet a threat on the order of Russia."Russian influence" is also responsible for activism against fracking. There seems to be no other way to explain the silliness of their "reporting". As an aside, some terms inadvertently take on a life of their own.Dozens if not hundreds of stories about "Russian hacking" and "Russian influence" have been published. Consider that all the "Russian hacking" and "Russian influence" stories are amplifying (the illusion of) Russian might. Posted by b on October 1, 2017 at AM | Permalink history repeating itself. ' Smart weapons' however, with their riveting videos of a hillside, a village, a building, a person running for a stairwell, and then the bomb chasing them down the stairwell dissolved the randomness in a massive explosion of dust and debris.

Right wing groups like the John Birch Society claimed that that whole Civil Rights movement was a Kremlin plot. As an example track the use of the term 'barrel-bomb' in the Syrian war - how often there was a peak of occurrence of the term in the media just prior to and during some planned aggression or sanctions against Syria and its' leadership.

It pushed for voting for Jill Stein, Bernie Sanders and Trump. Then again: Could they all be under Russian influence? The term "smart bombs" has had a profoundly unintended effect on those who suffered under what westerners saw as a morally superior form of war.

It even bought Facebook ads promoting Hillary Clinton. They are part of an orchestrated campaign to construct a new Cold War and to build up a caricature of Russia as the a villain. Are Russian secret services paying for such stories? Traditionally, death in war always had a kind of randomness to it; the fate of those who fell under the thousands of arrows shot up in the air was seen as fate and fate helped ease the eventual negotiation to surrender or peace.

Port scans are requests from one server to another to check for the availability of certain services - some computer asking another computer if a web-service or mail-service is available on it.

Such requests are not attacks but regular behavior of internet systems.

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