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I sent all the parts to a mate for him to make a VNT controller, not sure how far he got with it. Fit the spring and report back, you might also need to make the cover deeper to get more advance.DSS nozzles will be nuts, lol, you will have loads of fuel with those and an 11mm pump! Email me some pics if you could, been talking with my bro's and we NEED to put an M-TDi in the Caddy!Screenwriter Christopher Mc Quarrie would be serving a similar sentence. (Two of those five times I thought, 'well, I'll just watch about half-an-hour,' but ended up watching the entire film because it is so entertaining.) I'm not exactly a noir fan, so it is assured that this particular crime film appeals to a wider audience. However, since it is not, Singer and Mac Quarrie (who have joined forces again after the not-so-successful PUBLIC ACCESS) took advantage and duplicated nothing but the best. THE USUAL SUSPECTS has a skilled director, an engrossing screenplay, and ten praiseworthy performances.

When I've got the boost, advance and gov sorted I'll be putting some DSS stage 2 nozzles in it too. The LR throttle pot is easy to fit to other pumps if you have the skills!

The payback job leaves 27 men dead in a boat explosion, but the real question arises now: Who actually is Keyser Söze?

(at around 12 mins) After the lineup scene when the characters are moved to the cell, as Fenster begins to pace back and forth, there is a silver microphone visible underneath the bench that Todd Hockney is laying on. See more » The editor, John Ottman, edited the movie on film.

I've just put one of these pumps on a 1Z which I have transplanted into a 1985 audi 80.

The bracket was the one with a 2pc hub as far as I remember, at first I got my mates grandad to open up a TDi one but realised this afterwards!

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