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Both of those in stock are in mint condition and come with their original brochure. FLORAL A6793WOODLAND TK464DRURY LANEBROWN IVYWINDERMEREOLD LONDON VIEWSCERES SWANSEABALMORAL AK9873THE ETRURIA, GREEN AND BLACKCHINESE SPRAYS C4633GOLDEN IVYGREEN LEAF TK436COVENT GARDEN BELMAR A 6387BRIAR ROSETRENTHAM A6770HARLECHMANDARINMEADOWBULLFINCH A1620CONWAY AK8384MOSS ROSE T432CLYDE (BLUE EDME)PATRICIAN PLAIN CREAMPLAIN EDME - WORKS WELL WITH A LOT OF PATTERNS & WE HAVE A LOT OF ITWEST ENDTIGER LILY TK501FERRARAPHILADELPHIANINGPOHOLLYHOCKSMORNING GLORYINDIANLANDSCAPESWANSEASAXONWELLESLEY PLAINHEDGEROWTINTERNADAM - SOME MARKED ADAMS, BUT IT IS 'ADAM' NAMED FOR THE FAMOUS ARCHITECTCALENDAR PLATES, SEVERAL YEARS IN STOCKALL LAMPS - REMEMBER SHIPPING MIGHT BE HIGH DUE TO SIZE ON SOME OF THE LARGER ONES AND REMEMBER ALL BONE CHINA IS 25% OFF - BROWSE THE BONE CHINA CATEGORY WEDGWOOD OLD BLUE HISTORICAL PLATE - CAMPUS MARTIUS Marietta, Ohio was chosen in 2014 by Smithsonian Magazine as one of the 20 best small cities in America to visit. Many of our regular clients know I am a history and genealogy buff.Click the photo to go to the regular listing where you can order or make inquiries. SIMPLY GO TO BROWSE INVENTORY AND TYPE IN THE PATTERN AS LISTED BELOW, PLACE YOUR ORDER AND WE WILL SEND YOU AN INVOICE FOR HALF THE TOTAL PLUS SHIPPING. Click HERE to see the story about Marietta, the area described below and on this wonderful historic Wedgwood plate! My own Wedgwood collection holds many historical view plates, nearly all representing a place I have been or some person or place which has something to do with my own family history.

Awhile back I was showing a fellow DAR member some of our DAR inventory items and came upon a plate like this.Additional questions after you receive the appraisal at no further charge of course.We also provide formal, written appraisals for estate or insurance purposes.These cost more, but we do the research on any item/s to include checking resources, recent auctions, etc.You receive a printed report either via a WORD document attachment or in the mail on real paper! We estimate the amount of time needed for the research and give you an estimate up front.

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