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Are professional engagement photos really necessary? We didn’t think so, until we heard that Bill Murray invited himself to be a part of a couple’s photo shoot in 2014 — a couple, it should noted, he’d never met.

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Crazy things can happen when you invite Bill Murray to your birthday. That’s what happened to Marvin Larry Reynolds, of Jedburg, South Carolina, who celebrated his 64th birthday party in 2014 with a surprise special guest, the star of in 2016 not as a special guest, but as an audience member.Not only will he say yes, it’ll end up being one of the coolest things the Internet has ever seen. Bill Murray is “director of fun” for the Charleston River Dogs, the minor league team he co-owns, and he takes that job seriously.We could watch this video for the rest of our lives and never stop feeling jealous. During a rain delay in 2012, he took to the field and slid across the tarp just to keep the restless fans occupied.Why exactly would Murray take the time to read poetry to construction workers on break from building the Poet’s House, a library in Manhattan, in 2009? “They get worse,” he tells the giggling crowd of the poetry he’s about to unleash on them.For more words of literary wisdom, make sure you have these 40 Books Every Woman Over 40 Should Have on Her Bookshelf.

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