Who is donnie wahlberg dating 2016

Donnie Wahlberg with his two sons, Xavier and Elijah We can see his children are all grown up.Donnie is well known for his acting, singing and directing.This latest development comes fresh on the heels of reports that Jenny and Donnie are headed for divorce.We're not saying she can't be pregnant because they're having relationship problems; we're saying they probably planted the divorce rumors for the same reason that they posed so awkwardly in this photo: These two have Kardashian-level appetites for attention, but only Jenny Mc Carthy and Donnie Wahlberg-levels of fame.Remember when Jenny wouldn't stop talking about Charlie Sheen's HIV?

However, we have not seen them together after their separation.

The couple met when Kimberly was 22 years old and used to sing Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch and started dating each other.

The couple love went for eight years of dating period before getting married on 20th August 1999.

The whole thing is as dumb as Jenny's views on vaccinations.

Jenny Mc Carthy and Donnie Wahlberg might never get out of the newlywed stage!

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