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Her observations were about Millennials, but they held up perfectly well, in my experience, for Baby Boomers too.I reposted Ester’s article: ‘Relationship Accountability and the Rise of Ghosting’ (“Are the new trends of ghosting, simmering and icing increasing our acceptance of ambiguous ends”?I understood that most men online are rather guarded in their profiles (not to mention with terrible jokey photos and answers to questions that run along the lines of “I thought I’d already answered this” or “Don’t know why I have to answer this. I looked beyond it, I was flexible, and kind, and so when I finally opened myself to someone who wooed me mercilessly then had my heart broken when he just disappeared I was left very hurt, bewildered and disillusioned.That was when I noticed that the ever insightful Ester Perel was blogging on the topic of online dating.But Rumi's move from Nor Cal to So Cal toughened up her act, sexed up her duds, and launched Fashion Toast to mega fame. It was all distinguished men in sharp suits in the beginning, but while Scott has expanded his repertoire, his agenda still hasn't changed much: To capture the extraordinary style that defines street fashion, season to season (with a few consistencies, of course).

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For over a decade I loved being married but too many things happened in a short period of time to allow the elastic of our bond to hold together and just short of 18 years after we walked down that sunny aisle, we divorced. That deepest, most profound, level of connection where the other person is able to see into you and connect at the very heart and soul of your being. You could waste hours and emotional energy taking the personality tests, creating a great profile that invites others in, chat, speak, meet and start a relationship and then when they look into you sadly they really don’t like what they see and are gone. Clearly not by becoming the object of your desire but by matching their values, standards of behaviour and character. I expect each partner in a love relationship to work to put the other first or at least on an equal footing as all the existing family who are in the picture.

All the time, we are asking ourselves: “Is this the one? Or hold on as there may be a better deal in one of the yet unopened boxes?

” What I did realise is that online dating can seem fun with all the attention but turning that into a real-life relationship is not easy. It put it into context and stopped me blaming myself, doubting my judgment, doubting the process of online dating and doubting that despite all the work I had done on myself and being clear about what I wanted that having a close loving relationship was not available, certainly at this time.

Thrift store-fueled concoctions slowly found their mix infiltrated by special designer pieces, and before you knew it, Susie moved the digital camera away from her face, got a lens man, and became the blogging legend that she is today! Back in the day, we were a collection of shops, with a smattering of stories, and one really weird logo.

Fast forward a few redesigns, a handful of staffers, and five years of practice, and we think we've moved up a few notches!

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