Who is jorge garcia dating

Jerry Ortega made his debut appearance in the Season 4 episode, Ka 'oia'i'o ma loko.

Jerry was classmates with Chin Ho Kelly at Kukui High and they were in the school band.

Today, it's unclear if they're still together.

On Anfisa's Instagram, she uploaded a picture of her and Jorge in 2017, so there's a chance their marriage is still going strong.

”Originally she had some regrets about appearing on “90 Day Fiancé,” but the criticism doesn’t bother her as much now.

Still, she doesn’t appreciate the hateful comments she gets on social media.“People are going to judge.

They show more fights than love, they want great ratings.” "Being on TV is good because you get paid just to be an idiot, but with the money, come the crazies, the stalkers, the liars," she added.

"I do not think the money is enough for all the stress that being on TV causes." Check out the gallery below to see which couples are still married.

“Do they really think I'm going to come out on national television saying basically, ‘Hey, I'm a gold digger’ and be serious about it?

You have to take it or leave it,” Anfisa told IBT in an email.

“I want to be on TV so I know I have to learn to ignore the criticism and all negative comments.

After much pestering, Steve Mc Garrett finally lets Jerry have his own "office"—an empty file storage room in the basement—and officially hires him as a "consultant", much to Lou Grover's dismay.

In Season 7 episode 21, the Five-0 team gets into trouble while looking for a suspect on an uninhabited island.

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