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She is used as an asset in their game of cat and mouse with Khalil.Joseph is Charlie's case officer, and he takes on the role of Khalil's younger brother, Salim, who has been abducted, interrogated, and killed by the spy ring.As a means to an end he enlists Charlie, an English actress and double agent working on behalf of the Israelis.It has been reported the drama will be set in 1970s Greece.As with The Night Manager, the drama is set to be full of intrigue, double-dealing, seduction and violence.The plot follows the manipulations of Becker - originally called Martin Kurtz in the book - an Israeli spymaster who wants to kill a Palestinian terrorist who is bombing Jewish-related targets in Europe.The most important criteria in the decision are chosen, and the alternatives are compared using these criteria.

The 21-year-old Oxford native has already a number of critically acclaimed projects.

Our baseline is the system we have in place at the moment, so we score this a nought against our criteria. If it's better we give it a 1, if it's the same we give it a 0, and if it's worse we give it a -1. In terms of criteria 2, it's the same as the baseline.

For criteria 3 it's better, and for criteria 4 its worse. We assess each of the alternatives B, C and D in the same way, filling in all the blanks.

So now we know the number of pluses, the number of minuses and the total score for each alternative, allowing us to make a more rational or objective decision.

In this case it's obviously D, with three pluses and no minuses. For example, if our first criteria is a 2, and the second criteria is twice as important we give that a four. So all the numbers to the right of it are multiplied by two.

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