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The site was abandoned in C18 though a section of the cross range was converted to a farmhouse and is still lived in today by the present owners of the manor.(Past Scape)Wingfield Manor is considered to be the most important great house to survive from the mid 15th century.

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The house was approached via a sunken track from the north east and entered through the gateway noted above.Elements contributing to its outstanding importance are the extent and quality of its remains, the lack of later alteration, the lack of reference to earlier buildings on the same site and its association with a leading minister of the period whose position as Lord Treasurer was second in importance only to that of Chancellor.It is one of a group of major buildings built at this time by self-made men and, as such, is symbolic both of Cromwell's rise to power, wealth and high social status and of his success in protecting the country's economy during the long war with France.Its upstanding remains date to four main building phases between 14.In its final form, it is a double-courtyard great house comprising an inner court to the north and a larger outer court to the south.

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